Antique Theatre Hotel

Alastair Sawday's Special Places to Stay, Turkey

Alastair Sawday's Special Places to Stay, Turkey A stylish and luxurious small hotel that stands out for its stunning view over Bodrumís magnificent double harbour. The architecture reflects the cascading white steps of the ancient theatre of Halicarnassus which lies across the busy highway behind. The garden, designed by a dean of Turkish architects, manages to squeeze a large number of cosy, private spaces into the limited premises. The rooms are decorated with a serene elegance using bone-coloured hand-woven fabrics, fine candles and old prints of naval scenes; some have great ocean views. The pool is a marvel: lying at the edge of a terrace with no railing between it and the void, it seems to float weightlessly above the spectacle of the bay. A majority of the guests are Americans: they appear to savour the pampering service of the French-accented gourmet restaurant which once was the subject of a flattering review in the New York Times. Breakfast is a banquet of breads and cheeses, olives and walnuts, fruits and cherry jams. The owners, an art historian and a banking executive, are occasionally present.